Flask-based social messageboard. Demonstration of front and back-end input validation, SQL database to store data, user authentication via email for deleting posts. Built on modified HTML5up template

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Weather app for iOS. Pulls data from OpenWeatherMap API.

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Smart Home

Objective: Create virtual smart home for family of four. Using data randomization, user interaction, making API calls, parsing returned json data, updaing changes to data on the dashboard live.
Technologies: postrgresql, pgadmin, JavaFX, Eclipse, Scenebuilder

jell for ios

Social networking app for career-seeking professionals. This project is built with SwiftUI. Testing out, and taking advantage of, VStack, HStack, ListView, and other new UI features of latest Swift. Users can explore public profiles, filter results, tag individual profiles as favorites, or create a profile for themselves.

Bootstrap Calculator

Responsive Javascript calculator based on bootstrap.

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Virtual Drone

Coming soon


Swift-based tip calculator. Displays totals and tells the user if their tip is good enough!

Student grades database

Flask-based web application to interact with student gradebook database.

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